The Adventure Begins with a Haulmark....


You may first notice the difference when you see a Haulmark Motorcoach’s quality and style. The beauty in its function, its solid design and the pure luxury of its appointments quickly separate a Haulmark Motorcoach from other RVs. But there’s another factor that really sets Haulmark apart—value. No other motorcoach delivers the unsurpassed luxury and practical function of a Haulmark Motorcoach for the price. 

Whether you’re interested in a luxury  Motor Home for travel, a Motor Garage for your race team or a Sport Deck to pull your horse trailer, car trailer or recreational trailer, there is nothing quite like the power and safety of a Haulmark Motorcoach. And when you combine it with a Haulmark Trailer or Stacker, the function and effect is nothing short of impressive.

Drive the motorcoach with the distinctive difference—Haulmark.


Chadwick Custom Coach and Trailer is part of The Box Shop, INC and has been in business since 1996.  We have been selling Haulmark Trailers for over 14 years now.  

We have a reputation of Excellent Customer Service and Value